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Anonymous sent: MoonChildren in the US, I'm gonna list the numbers to 3 major radio stations in the US that take song requests by text. Super easy to request a song. Make sure to request “Worlds Apart” by Seven Lions feat. Kerli, and “Perfect Crush” by TyDi feat. Kerli. These are the 2 most recent songs Kerli released, so it would be awesome if we could get them on radio! 
Text 55100.
Text 71021.
Text 97720.
It’s free, only standard text msg rates apply.
Request the songs & spread the word to all MoonChildren<3

What a lovely idea✨✨
I’ll be sure to start texting them in the morning☺️
Come on US Moon Children, let’s do this✨

Dear Moon Babies,


Wow, what a space I’m in right now. I’ve been making more radical changes and decisions this past month than I have in the past 5 years. I parted ways with my longtime management, moved out of my dollhouse, put all my stuff in storage and bought a one way ticket (wanted to be extra dramatic) to the woods to finish my next album free of other peoples’ opinions of what it should be.

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The tumblr app has been very glitchy lately, so I’m sorry if some post(reblogs) post two or three times in a row. I can’t delete one without deleting all of them.
Also I’m sorry for the non-kerli related posts that have been popping up! There’re meant for my personal blog, but tumblr keeps putting them here even though I have it set to my personal blog!


Enda pliiatsijoonistus aastast 2011. Kujutatud on Kerli Kõivu noorena, umbes 18-aastasena. Tehtud foto järgi. Nautige :)
Artist: tyDi
Track: Perfect Crush (feat. Kerli)
Artist: tyDi
Track: Perfect Crush (feat. Kerli)
Kerli modeling as Alice for Beyond Wonderland&#8217;s official flyer❤️