Neon Nymph. 
Pic by Brian Ziff
Cyber Gear by Marco Marco

Worlds Apart 
Pic by Brian Ziff
Artist: tyDi (feat Kerli)
Track: Perfect Crush (Preview)
Anonymous sent: You make a good point about having to fight Cascada for that title, but Kerli's music is much much more unique than Cascada's and definitely makes me wanna dance more than theirs does

Kerli does have a more unique and original spin to all her songs but Cascada really set the tone for EDM. I love both of them so much, I think it’d be pretty cool if they would to work together even if it’ll be a song for one of them or a song for someone else. 

Anonymous sent: Have you bought one of the Kerli shirts from RageOn? If so, how long did it take for it to be delivered?

I have not, I’ve heard it takes awhile from a few people, but I don’t have a personal review. I did go on the site and it says that the shirts & sweatshirts are made to order and will be ready to be shipped out within 45 days(maximum) & then it just counts are where you are in the world, when you’re checking out you should receive an email saying what the estimate time you should receive the package though.
It always says that ‘ready to ship’ items(which are the I-Loo key chains and the Moonchild Glow-In-The-Dark Wristband) will ship within 1-3 business days, of course unless you buy a shirt or sweatshirt. 
Hope this helped<3 Also don’t forget to use the coupon “bubblegoth” for 20% off<3 


majichigo sent: You there… Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make other feel beautiful ♥

Ohmygosh😳 Thank you☺❤❤❤

swagipino sent: Thank you very much for reblogging my post about my stolen art! I appreciate you helping to spread the word! :) (and I'm also a fan of Kerli too!)

No problem! (This is Sami BTW) I’m strongly against art being stolen and about given credit when it’s due, I don’t shop at a few major store for this reason and since I run a few blogs I thought it be the best way to get the word out.☺✌

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Gave the blog a quick update to the theme, going to add more pages and a playlist in the next few days…check it out and leave some feedback?


Kerli, early 2013. This scan isn’t very good. Pencil and ink, A4.